2013 Screenplay Finalists

FINALISTS (in alphabetical order)

Be My Eyes
Dustin Stevens

Drama – Two unlikely companions, one seeking a second chance and one using what she knows will be her last chance, depart on a journey together that will define them both for the rest of their days.

The Decent Man
Scott Robert Waldvogel & Matt DeMartini

Horror – On the edge of becoming a serial killer, a man fights his violent nature to protect the woman he loves from himself.

Sally Brockway

Drama – A 10-year-old autistic boy dreams of becoming a sporting hero, but when he finally takes part in a big London race, he realizes that winning is not about getting to the finish line first.

Phantom in Time
Douglas Charles MacLeod

Science Fiction – A secret US agency recruits a fighter pilot and an archaeologist in a desperate race to stop a rogue Chinese general from sending a fighter jet back in time to restore the Ming Dynasty, destroying the world as we know it in the process.

Where the Green Grass Grows
Jeremy Elliott

Drama – A heartwarming story about two estranged brothers who reunite after years to confront the demons of their childhood. BEN HUMPHREY lives in the sprawling city of Los Angeles with his family. When his mother calls to inform him that his younger brother, JAIME, who he has not spoken to in over a decade, is terminally ill, Ben returns home with his family to the small Kentucky town where he grew up. But Ben and Jaime instantly clash when they’re forced to confront the memories of their alcoholic father. As Jaime’s illness progresses, Ben must overcome the ghosts of his past to make amends with his younger brother before it’s too late.

Albert’s Lie¬† by Judy Vann
Danger Society by Leigh Medeiros
Dime Store Saint by Nate Lane
Dismissal  of Malady by Deanne Devine
Excallibent by Eric Wehr
The Great Below by Sean Kurland
Pushing Dawn by Matthew Breault
The Unforgotten by Luke Stanhope
The Veil by Andrea Stein
Whitechapel by Pamela Marcantel
Young Goodman Bloom by Alex Pickering

American Buddha by Andrew Quinn
Bad Seeds of Loving Spring by Joshua Montcalm
Breed of Crows by Michael Reynolds
Eleven by Troy Taylor
The Fisherman by Theresa Tyler
Hard Drive by David Cooper
Hardscrabble by Robert Remy
Millie to the Moon by Jen McGowan
Pearl by Lyvia A Martinez
Ragtime Warrior  by James Saunders
Red Dog by Howard Lowell
Street Value by Margaret Rose Lester
Theo Baptiste by Josh Burnell
Underground Empire by Jeffrey Marks
Wind River by Megan Breen
Zombie-saurus Rex by Mark Souza